Bioethics Symposium

Who Owns Life?

Intellectual Property in Biotechnology and the Life Sciences

Research Liberty, Traditional Knowledge and Piracy


Ethical Analysis of Objibway Objections to Wild Rice Research

Robert Streiffer, Medical History & Bioethics| Philosophy, University of Wisconsin


Indigenous Knowledge and Intellectual Property

Shontavia Johnson, Drake University Law School


Gene Patents in Law, Ethics and Policy

Challenges to Plant Patenting in the U.S. and Abroad.

Margo Bagley, University of Virginia School of Law


The Ethics of Patenting Human DNA.

David Resnik, Center for the Advancement of Ethics, University of Wyoming


Keynote Speaker

The Case for Patenting New Plants

Edmund J. Sease

Cosponsors: Iowa State University’s Bioethics Program, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Office of Biotechnology, Philosophy & Religious Studies, Pioneer DuPont, National Affairs Series (funded by the Iowa State University GSB).